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What We Do

At Yuppies Concreting, we put all our efforts into offering you quality work with the help of our staff’s expertise. The most complex house slabs are no secret to us, and we aim for our customers’ utmost satisfaction.

We are aiming to change the concreting world, slab by slab, and will do our best to offer you the result you want. And, most of all, you will not need to worry about anything, as we take care and pride in all our work.

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Our Dedicated Staff

Our progress is generated through our people, because people are, indeed, building blocks for every company. Yuppies Concreting holds the same value system as its employees who strive to express respect, discipline and integrity on a daily basis.

Strong Foundations

Every family’s castle starts with a good strong foundation

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We have over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry working on House Slabs and Foundations. Deep understanding of construction industry enables us to take great pride in our services.

What’s New in Concreting Industry?

Are you looking for a new idea for your flooring needs? Have you considered concrete flooring?

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Our Services

House slabs

House slabs are our area of expertise. During our years of work in the industry, our staff has developed a vast knowledge in not only slab-on-ground, but also in suspended slab. The quality of our work is irreproachable, and we do everything to satisfy our customers.


Our concreted driveways are problem free ones. With the right concrete mix and our expert workmanship, we build strong, performing driveways with great quality.


As they are an important part of foundation construction, our footings are strong and reliable. We use the expertise of quality workers so that your footing can provide the proper support to any structure.


Our quality paving services are varied, whether you want to pave your driveway or backyard pathways. We are always happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to the style and colors of concrete.

Concrete plans reading

You don’t need to scratch your brain and look up how to read concrete plans anymore, as our experts do it instead of you. Following their knowledge and workmanship, they will explain your concrete plans in the easiest way so you would know what kind of result you are getting in the end.


All formwork is boxed according to the plans given, and we take care and pride in building stabile formworks.

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