Mudjacking – What It Is And Why It Is Recommended

concrete mud jacking

Concrete mudjacking is a construction process that involves the injection of concrete grout underneath sunken concrete slabs. This is done in order to raise the sunken concrete back to its original level. This is seen as a cost-effective concrete repair method for sunken sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, patios as well as foundation walls. If you have concrete leveling needs around your premise, you should consider mudjacking as an easy way to get the surface back to its initial state.

How mudjacking works

Also referred to as concrete lifting, concrete raising or slabjacking, mudjacking is a very straightforward process. A concrete expert will visit the site, drill a hole under your sunken concrete slab, and inject a grout (a mixture of pond sand and concrete) beneath your concrete slab to raise it. This grout will fill the gap between the concrete slab and the ground which is causing it to sink. The area is then pressurized and lifted using hydraulics to lift it to its original state.

Concrete mudjacking is affordable

Besides the ease that comes with concrete leveling using the mudjacking process, this process is far much cheaper than other mudjacking alternative methods. The most common alternative involves tearing down the entire concrete slab and having it redone afresh. This takes a long time to complete and requires the use of heavy machinery. This means that it will cost more than it did the first time the concrete slab was installed because now there is the ripping off cost.

A complete overhaul also means that the area will take longer to dry and thus traffic will need to be diverted for days. You will also have to cure the cement as part of the drying process. All this is not necessary with mudjacking because the process takes a few hours and the area can be used normally after a day.

Mudjacking, on the other hand, costs half as much as installing a new slab would cost. This is because you do not need to demolish the concrete and replace it. With this cost-benefit, mudjacking has become the most preferred concrete leveling method by most people.

Where to apply the mudjacking method

If you have any concrete slabs or walls that lie below ground level, you can consider using the mudjacking method for leveling. Sidewalks, concrete patios, stairs, and driveways are the most common mudjacking projects. However, concrete leveling can also be effective for sunken basement floors, sinking foundations and concrete basement walls that are bowed.

Finding a reliable repair contractor

Unlike other home improvement and repair jobs, mudjacking is not a Do-It-Yourself project. This is because for it to be done there is a lot of specialized machinery that needs to be used. There is the drilling machine which drills the hole and the injector that pours the grout between the ground and the concrete slab. This makes it a job for an expert concrete contractor. If you have a concreting issue that may be solved by mudjacking, you can contact a professional with experience in the process for quick and effective results.

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