Concrete House Slab Costs

Concrete House Slab

Building custom concrete floors is a dream come true for any homeowner. Construction of one foot of concrete slab can cost between $2.88 and $3.88. Even so, estimating concrete house slab costs can be difficult and varies from one location to the other. There are numerous factors that come into play when you want to estimate the cost of installing concrete slabs.

Factors that affect the cost of installing concrete slabs 

1.    Cost of the material

Any concrete slab construction project is determined by the cost of the material to be used. If you are shipping the material, the shipping cost is also a factor to consider. The cost of the material is determined by the size of the space you want to install the concrete slab. A concrete slab specialist is best placed to measure the space required and advice on the materials needed.

2.    Cost of labor      

Different locations have different construction wages rates that are governed by the state. It is important to understand how many people are needed for the job. This has an effect on the project expenditure.

3.    The condition of your site

Most concrete slabs specialists will tell you that the condition of your site matters. Factors that determine the condition of your site include soil quality, contamination, wetlands, utility as well as traffic and environmental issues.

4.    Projects schedule 

If your project schedule is small compared to the kind of work needed to complete the project, the cost of construction can significantly go up. This is mostly true when it comes to projects that come with a large liquidated damage clause in the contract.

5.    Contingency plan

Most concrete slab experts will set a percentage of the total cost as a contingency measure. This is meant to cover any unforeseen costs that may arise during the time of construction. You can check with the contractor you are working with on how much they take as a contingency amount as this will affect the overall cost of construction.

6.    Bid timing

Concrete contractors will tell you that concrete construction seasonal disparities and also whether your project clashes with other bid openings can affect the cost of construction in some regions. It is advisable to check with your specialist for the best time to start on your project.

7.    Space to be covered

The size of the space you want to cover with concrete will determine the cost of the project. It will affect the amount of material needed, the time needed to complete the project and also the labor required to get the work done in the agreed upon time frame.

With all these factors considered, your concrete slabs specialist will be able to give you a price estimate of your project and also the time it may take to have it complete.

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