Choosing the Right Paving Material

Choosing the Right Paving Material

As a homeowner, one of the things you will eventually need to do is have your driveway or pathways redone. Your driveway is the first thing your guests see when they visit you. Therefore, keeping it looking its best should be a priority for homeowners. On the other hand, the walkways in your garden or backyard give it like and help to protect your lawn and plants by showing people where to walk. It is therefore important to always maintain your walkways.

When it comes to redoing your driveway or your parking lot, picking the right paving material may seem like an easy task. The quality of the material you go for directly impacts the sustainability of your driveway. Therefore, doing a bit of research on the best material for your needs can go a long way in ensuring you pick the best materials and that you enjoy value for your investment.

When it comes to commercial and residential a paving options in Australia, asphalt, concrete and decorative concrete are the most common choices. The choice for the best is based on a few factors such as the cost, durability, maintenance options, project purpose and quality.


The purpose of your paving plays a significant role in decision making on the best material to go for. Asphalt is recommended for driveways because of its ease of installation and affordability. Your driveway can get paved easily using asphalt. Factors that are taken into consideration include the car you drive and the traffic on the driveway every day. As much as asphalt may seem appropriate based on cost and ease of installation, it comes at an extra cost because of its timely maintenance needs. Also, the AU weather is warmer than in other regions and thus asphalt can melt in the Australian weather.  It is, therefore, most ideal for areas with low temperatures. It is therefore ideal for you to take into account the maintenance needs for asphalt before you pick it as your ideal paving material.

Decorative concrete

This type of concrete is most ideal for gardens, driveways, and patios. Decorative concrete is an aesthetic enhancement for already installed concrete structures. It is available in different materials like stamped, stained engraved and etched types. Decorative concrete is eco-friendly, highly durable, low maintenance requirements and it is ideal for the AU weather. Just like ordinary concrete, very low temperatures cause decorative concrete to crack which makes it ideal for regions with warm climates.


Concrete is the most commonly used material for paving in homes and in commercial properties. While installation of concrete comes at a high cost, the fact that it takes up to a decade or more without the need to redo it. This makes it the most affordable type of paving material to go for. Also, concrete fairs well in warmer climates which makes it perfect for the AU climate.

Concrete is very easy to maintain, it is durable and can be installed in different colors and designs. It is ideal for your garage floor, driveways and walkways around your garden.

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